Hepatitis A + B, Typhus and Yellow Fever – Vaccinations in preparation

  • Hepatitis A + B
  • Diphtheria
  • Yellow Fever
  • Poliomyelitis

I could keep adding potential threats to this list for ever and ever. When I first checked what vaccinations I might need for both Liberia and Estonia, I found myself reading about all possible attacks of ticks to your body. So in order to be fully prepared, of course I have to get every protection available and without doubts Liberia is situated in an area where more is needed than in Estonia.

However, this is where it becomes tricky. Hepatitis A + B vaccinations cannot be done in one go. I have to get three shots, each with a gap of 6 weeks in between. Now, I have very little experience in the Estonian hospitals (yet!) so I rather want to get my second shot some time in September (when back in Germany for a few days), which only leaves me 1 specific day.

Now something off topic: I am flying in 6 days! 6! I will spend two days in Tallinn and then make my way to my new dorm, which apparently only costs €67ish + utilities per month! I would say that is “so totally awesome”, but since I do not like that word, I’d rather consider “ass-kickin”!

This will be my last entry on German soil for quite a while!I will update once Estonia is kicking in…

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One response to “Hepatitis A + B, Typhus and Yellow Fever – Vaccinations in preparation

  • Marieke

    My friend! How nice to read how excited you are to leave. In Mexico is everything ok! Except for the fact that my name (or actually ‘Marica’) means ‘fagged’ in Spanish. We’ll keep in touch,
    besos!!! Say hi to your girlfriend from me!

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