Tartu – Heade mõtete linn

Tere hommikust!

Or good morning from Tartu, the “city of good thoughts”! I just woke up in my new bed, which rarely fits my size 🙂 So far, I have spent around 24h in this city and I am feeling very confident that this place suits me fine.

As mentioned before, I call the half of a 16qm room my own, the other half is dedicated to Viljar, 25 who will my be roommate for the upcoming 5 months. We had beer shortly after I arrived, so things will turn out smoothly 😀 The remaining people of the appartement have not yet moved in, leaving the kitchen, toilet and shower to the two of us. However, due to a surplus of foreign students studying at Tartu Ülikool this year, Estonians were forced to be relocated to other student houses. Therefore the other 4 people in my appartement will most likely be foreigners, gossip goes around that 2 of them shall be Germans…

Anyways, I set up my housing contract and paid 800kr deposit. Unfortunately, I will have to wait about 3 days to get my internet connection fixed but since E-stonia is so IT-loving, I can get WI-FI access pretty much anywhere! So right now I am sitting in the kohvik Metro within walking distance from my dorm and type these words.

Since I still have two weeks left until my study starts, I will use this time to get myself familiar with both the city and the language. Right now, I can already order beer and coffee (essential being a student!) and I have made a long walk around the city centre and found interesting spots worth taking a picture, as soon as I got my memory card issue solved.

Okay, that’s all for now. Stay tuned and for all those who haven’t done the SOCIALVIBE activity on this blog: Give it a shot! It’s worth doing and will only take up 3 minutes 🙂

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