Day trip to the South of Estonia

Last Friday, after days and weeks of doing nothing but occasionally studying but frequently drinking, I decided to participate in a bus trip to the more interesting aspects of the south of Estonia. The trip was offered by some geology faculty classes and was free of charge. So I met up with some people from ERASMUS at the early hour of 8am down in the lobby and we took off.

The first stop was at Taevaskoja (Heaven’s Chamber), where we walked in the woods and took many pictures of the 400-million-year old sandstone cliffs down in the valley of the Ahja river. Below are some of the better shots I have made:

After about 2 hours, we head off towards Meenikunno, a mature raised bog with a range of lakes and mineral islands. We walked through forested swamp, as the walking path was made from wood. Again, please find some pictures below:

After having lunch at a crappy restaurant in Võru we continued driving around the South, with some more breaks in between, such as to Suur Munamägi (the highest point of all Baltic States – 318m!) and Rõuge Suurjärv (the deepest lake of the country – 38m!) and finally ended up at Tamme-Lauri oak (the oldest and thickest tree in Estonia – perimeter: 860cm; height: 16m; ages: 680 years!)

Before I will publish this entry, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the SOCIALVIBE activity about drinking water. So far, due to your contributions, 340 days of drinking water for 1 person could be provided – THANK YOU!!!

Starting right now, I will replace the current SOCIALVIBE activity and will promote a new one. Please be so kind and – again – take some minutes to do the activities and together we may be able to make a difference – THANK YOU!!!

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One response to “Day trip to the South of Estonia

  • ewigfan

    howdy poisikene!

    how many of my blood-relatives have you met on your way to the south of eesti?
    hope to see you while your hollidays in oldenburg!

    keep on keepin´on

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