Talking “politics” in Estonia (+ match report: JK Tammeka Tartu – FC Flora Tallinn)

This new entry was overdue a long time ago. Politics in Estonia with special regards to me have been bothering me for weeks and weeks. I am not a very political person, yet I like discussing various topics with some sort of passion. Estonia has been a troubled country in the past. With a glance at the history books, I can barely see any longer periods of independence, leaving aside the current time after the Soviet block got lost in the iron curtain.

The “Singing Revolution”, a piece of national identity which helped shaping the unity of the people during the occupation was considered to be the most peaceful act towards a suppressing regime in recent history.

I have met a guy in the streets, weeks ago.Said he used to be an Estonian skinhead, a Nazi (note: he considered himself a Nazi, not a Neo-Nazi). Said he used to go on rallies. Said Tartu is the skinhead capital of the country. I asked him whether I should care a great deal about my appearing, my behaviour, my steps at night. “Of course not”, he answered. “You are not Russian – we are after them!”…

A single opinion of an individual? Not even close. Almost every second time I spend a night out and my nationality is being revealed, I am confronted with the history of my country as well as Estonia’s. Several people (though not being completely sober) approach me and let me know that I should not be ashamed of my heritage, nor my country’s past. In their view, Hitler was not fighting the Jews (not primarily at least) but he was fighting the communistic Soviet Union. Therefore, as a more or less logic consequence from that thought, Hitler was fighting for the Estonian freedom! That is why Germans are most welcomed in Estonia (well, speaking for Tartu at least), while the Russians are still being looked at suspiciously. This is something rather new to me, as I have years of experience in defending my history and thus my heritage to others. However, I am still shocked by the lightness of these people when it comes to “justifying” the atrocities committed during the last century.


Okay, I will now turn my focus on a more delightful aspect of life in Tartu – watching football! Today, finally, after weeks and weeks of postponing the trip, I made it the ground of JK Tammeka Tartu. The opponent was FC Flora Tallinn, last year’s cup winner and runner-up in the league. Thus, Tartu, who lost 6 of the 7 games they played since I entered this country, was clearly the underdogs vs a team, which stands on top of the Meistriliiga. So what?! Tartu won, 2:1!! After a rather weak match with little action on both sides did Tammeka keep the 3 points at home. Home in that case would be a track-and-field pitch with a, constantly being rebuilt, shed on the one side. 1,40€ entrance, beer for 1,20€ and warm sunshine made this afternoon a pleasant experience 🙂 Below some pics from the match. Enjoy!

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One response to “Talking “politics” in Estonia (+ match report: JK Tammeka Tartu – FC Flora Tallinn)

  • ewigfan

    dear julian!

    quite nice and funny to read about the very great victory in the tartu-stadium!!!
    but more i was interested in your short excourse to the estonian understanding of politics in tne 20th century.
    i´m sure that you have made a strange experience with a quite different point of view to the german-fascistic history due the 30th and 40th in eastern europe and espacially in the baltic-republics.
    but at the end of a day i´m sure that you will understand the “stone-washed” version of some estonians about the darkest chapter that the human history had!
    all that they told you is only an other example for the fact, that all pain, all barbarism is relativ and depends on the side of history, that you, your nation or the people you love, stay!
    about 300 years russian barbarism ( with more and more cruel behavior by every zar, maybe bresnev was top of them in estonia, even worth than ivan and old josf stalin ) set a kind of filter on the eyes of the baltic-people, and even their brains do not really classify the murders of hitler and the german-fascist as that, what it was, because everybody has his own inhuman story in his family – commited by russians!!!

    see you, take care and elagu eesti!


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