About this blog

The main purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and journeys with those who could potentially be interested 🙂 After having “lost” my internship in Liberia, I got the offer to do the same work in Buea, Cameroon and within a few days I made my decision in favor of going there. So I will fly there in the end of February and will stay till the end of July…

As I will spend the next whole year in Estonia and Cameroon, stories about what I have seen and perceived might be of value for those that might consider going the same ways. In case you have any suggestions and/or comments, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone interested!

Update: 11.2.2012

I decided to update once more. Though I thought my blogging days might have been something from the past, I now want to continue writing on a regular base. Seeing that I’ll be moving to Zagreb, Croatia in a few days, I am sure there are some more stories to be shared. Please let them be shared with you!

Update: 06.4.2014

And again an update comes along. Maybe it has been noted that my blog has taken a different turn than expected, but it is all for the better now! I do like to engage in some poetry for it really is enjoyable. So from now on, I reckon my breath-taking travel experiences will only be of secondary interest! Keep tuned!

4 responses to “About this blog

  • Nini

    Juli, I shall be a frequent visitor here 🙂
    Keep it up so. You know how much I like reading your emails, well the ones from 7(!!!) years ago were very brilliant anyway! so more of that! Can’t wait!

  • Captain Zion

    You have beautiful hair.

  • sdherrington

    Hey Julian 🙂

    Just discovered your blog today, courtesy of a link on Ilka’s. Really nice! Nice frequency of updates and enjoyable to read 😉 Keep it up, great to hear from you and perhaps speak soon…


  • Nini

    very nice juli buli! so you know, im still following you!
    i am currently tidying my future office in fischbek 😦
    and then im going on a prep week to oldenburg… pretending to be in india! yay

    talk to you soon!

    who misses her ireland dears very much!

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