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Hepatitis A + B, Typhus and Yellow Fever – Vaccinations in preparation

  • Hepatitis A + B
  • Diphtheria
  • Yellow Fever
  • Poliomyelitis

I could keep adding potential threats to this list for ever and ever. When I first checked what vaccinations I might need for both Liberia and Estonia, I found myself reading about all possible attacks of ticks to your body. So in order to be fully prepared, of course I have to get every protection available and without doubts Liberia is situated in an area where more is needed than in Estonia.

However, this is where it becomes tricky. Hepatitis A + B vaccinations cannot be done in one go. I have to get three shots, each with a gap of 6 weeks in between. Now, I have very little experience in the Estonian hospitals (yet!) so I rather want to get my second shot some time in September (when back in Germany for a few days), which only leaves me 1 specific day.

Now something off topic: I am flying in 6 days! 6! I will spend two days in Tallinn and then make my way to my new dorm, which apparently only costs €67ish + utilities per month! I would say that is “so totally awesome”, but since I do not like that word, I’d rather consider “ass-kickin”!

This will be my last entry on German soil for quite a while!I will update once Estonia is kicking in…