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The garlic of life

Droplets of moments, sometimes limpid, sometimes not

A manifestation of numerous nuances

Mutuality defined by sphere, fear, curiosity and reliability

A wish for something to hold on to

A highway of memorabilia – through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole

Adventures; trivial and exciting, extreme and enjoyable

Life as an alliteration of depth, sincerity and the constant want for a camera; for salvation

Grabbing the “now”, preserving the “whenever”

A coincidence as honest as a bulb of garlic

An encounter as manifold as a braid of garlic

A friendship as complex as the taste of a freshly pealed clove of garlic…

For when the demons come

For when the demons come
none shall be safe
none shall see the daylight
it shall be dark after dawn

For when the demons come
shall day become dust
and the smile of all
shall become an unspoken line
that cannot be walked
no more
no less

For when the demons come
all we know
will turn out a lie
and those true believers
shall meet their real destiny

For when the demons come

My take on poetry: Tranquility and Chaos

Tranquility and Chaos


The sound of silence

Captured in monochromic rainbows

A constant urge to create unplanned spontaneity

reflected in

truth-bearing lies in a

one-dimensional sphere of deep



Insipid coffee beans


seemingly at random on a surface-free mirror


Edentulous smiles on oddly drawn souls

covered in yesterday’s wisdom

Memories of tomorrow’s instability of change

Fresh smell of old habits

viewed by

uncoordinated emotions

renewed on a cloudy battlefield of


and unverified assumptions


Ill-natured sovereignty, expressed in closed

yet talking eyes


Disturbed heartbeat